My cat drinks a lot of water, why can it be?

If your cat drinks too much water , pay attention to it, as it could be the first sign of some important illness, such as diabetes, kidney failure or hyperthyroidism. In this post, we want to give you some keys and answers , to help you detect symptoms early and avoid jeopardizing your kitty’s health .

Cats are moderate drinkers

Cats are said not to be large consumers of water , unlike dogs, which can drink daily water in one go.

For cats it is usually enough to ingest the contents of a cup , in small sips or licks, throughout the day. Therefore, if you see that your cat drinks excess water , do not think that it is on a whim.

The causes are very complex , and range from the reasons that are not of major importance, to those that lead to the severe pathologies that we have discussed.

So we must be vigilant to observe the changes in habits in the way our cat drinks, so as not to find the disorder when it is too late. The fact excessive drinking can respond basically to environmental conditions , the diet or in the worst case, some disease .

“To know if your cat drinks a lot of water, you
need to know its customs beforehand,
so you must get it used to making its needs in the litter box”

Innocuous causes why your cat drinks a lot of water

There are several reasons why your cat can drink more water than usual and that are not worrisome, since they do not have any harmful effect on their health. We discuss them below:

  • 1. Heat

It is obvious that, with the summer heat , the body temperature can increase and your cat will need a higher intake of water , to avoid dehydration and the dreaded heat stroke .

  • 2. Exercise

An increase in activity Fí music your cat is another factor that will make you drink m ost water ; Your body will need it to regulate fluids and temperature . In general, cats that roam freely in a garden tend to drink more than those that live inside houses.

  • 3. Lactation

The lactating female cats also need more water intake , since breastfeeding, lose plenty of fluids, which must be replenished to normalize their water levels.

  • 4. Dry feeding

The amount of water a feline drinks depends largely on its diet . If your cat takes a higher proportion of dry feed than usual, it is logical to try to make up for the lack of water, drinking more than usual.

When cats ingest food hú meda , such as canned, need to drink much less , because this type of food already contains a high percentage of water , around 70% compared to 10% of the dry feed .

As always, the key is balance , and the ideal, as recommended by doctors, is to give your cat a quality feed daily , which you can alternate with a weekly can , of course also of quality. The first will provide you with all the nutrients you need and the second will ensure optimum water level . In our online store you can choose, from an extensive assortment of feed, the one that best suits your cat.

As a guideline, we will tell you that for cats that only eat dry feed , the maximum daily threshold, in terms of water intake, is 100 ml for each kg of weight ; and for those who eat food hú Meda , either homemade or canned, is 50 ml ; above these values ​​excessive consumption is considered.

  • 5. For fun

In some moments, your cat will drink more than necessary, simply because he loves the contact of his tongue with a jet of fresh, clean water like that of this waterfall fountain .

  • 6. Social drinkers

Just as some adults only drink alcohol at specific times, certain cats become social drinkers of clean , fresh water when they surround themselves with loved ones, either other cats or their human family.

  • 7. Get attention

If your kitten is one of those who, to get the attention of their human family , start drinking , even if they are not thirsty, this would have no contraindication; it will only need that you do some other carantoña to him.

Even if your cat has access to the outdoors, try to get him used to doing his needs in the litter box , in order to control his stools and immediately detect any changes that may occur.

“If your cat drinks too much water, it may be that we do not realize it,
since the kitten does not start drinking much from one day to the next,
but rather increases its consumption progressively, without hardly noticing it”

Symptoms of some disease: polyuria and polydipsia

Be on your guard because persistent drinking of water , in certain cases, may mean that the feline loses liquids through urine or through other routes , motivated by some organic decompensation.

Medically speaking, these disorders are called:

  • Polyuria: when urine is more abundant than normal
  • Polydipsia: when the need to drink exceeds the usual

It happens in pathologies in which organs are involved certain functional problems, such as gl ándulas hormonal or kidneys . Generally, polydipsia is accompanied by polyuria , that is, your cat drinks and urinates much more than normal.

If you see your cat loses fluids, é pull to drink everything you want ; always have the drinking fountain at your disposal with clean and fresh water. You think that if you urinate a lot and do not replace fluids, you could become dehydrated and risk your life.

Remember that when you detect the first symptoms, you should take your cat to the vet for examination. Only the doctor can determine the extent of the disorder and recommend the most appropriate treatment in each case.

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