How to keep your cat cool in the summer?

What can we do to keep our cat cool and protected during the rigors of the summer season? We tell you below, with 10 simple tricks, in which fresh water and ice play a fundamental role.

10 tricks to keep your cat cool in summer

  • 1. Clean and fresh water, not to be missed:  to combat the rigors of the summer, remember that the trick par excellence is to keep the drinking fountain operating, permanently, so that your cat has clean and fresh water at its whim; try to check it from time to time, so that it is never dry; It would not hurt to add some ice cubes, from time to time, to cool the water, but in moderation; a good tactic is to place several drinking fountains , distributed throughout the house, you will invite him to hydrate more frequently; and a continuous stream of water can attract his attention and encourage him to tinker and drink more.
  • 2. Ice, the great ally: with ice we can imagine infinite strategies to relieve our feline during the days of unbearable embarrassment; A sturdy plastic bottle, with frozen water, wrapped in a cloth or towel, can make a super refreshing toy.
  • 3. Wet and fresh towel: again we resort to the towel, this time to soak it with ice-cold water and pass it over the kitty’s head, who will receive it willingly if he feels that he can no longer cope with the heat; little by little, if we see that he looks at us with a pleased gesture, we will continue with the rest of the body; Although cats do not usually like water very much, they do tend to accept contact with something wet, and if evaporation also causes a cooling effect, all the more reason.
  • 4. Soak the pads: soaking your cat’s paws frequently will be a great relief against summer stress; Remember that cats sweat glands do not spread throughout the body, as in humans, but only in certain parts, especially in the pads.
  • 5. Fresh air and rest: in the heat of the heat, it is impossible to rest, much less to catch an eye; check that your cat’s bed is located in the coolest place; otherwise, prepare another one in a place near a fan, or where the air is running; place a cotton blanket on top and there you will see it every two by three, enjoying the oasis you have prepared for it.
  • 6. Terrace and pool: do you have a terrace or garden? So, you have no excuse to provide your feline with a small plastic pool, like that of babies; but remember that the animal has to stand, so it will be safe; inside, you can play with some of your favorite dolls , or drink whenever you are thirsty.
  • 7. Brushing, yes or yes: not only will you be more handsome, but you will also gain freshness; and is that cats often lose more hair in hot weather; dead hairs accumulate and form knots that give these animals even more temperature; therefore, brushing is almost mandatory as it detangles the hair and favors the expulsion of heat.
  • 8. Haircut, depends and in moderation: if your cat is long-haired, consult with your vet about the advisability of getting a haircut to help it be cooler; if he advises you, you should probably only cut in some areas, such as the armpits, belly or neck; remember that you should always leave about 2 or 3 centimeters in length to protect it from heat and sunlight; But the last word has the kitten, because if he is delicate and refuses in band, you will have to give up on the endeavor.
  • 9. Boxes, Refreshing Shelters: If you have a cat and empty shoe boxes, stored in a closet, now you will know why you did well not to throw them away; If you put a towel moistened in fresh water and cover the inside of the box, you will build the ideal shelter for your cat to cool off in the moments of greatest summer stress.
  • 10. In the car, caution: this is not a trick in itself, but it cannot be missed as a warning, given its importance, due to the danger of leaving your cat alone in the car or traveling with him in hot weather; Be aware that the temperature inside the vehicle can rise suddenly, even in the shade; so, to avoid the animal suffering from heat stroke, try to travel during the cooler hours; not forgetting to make the necessary stops for your feline to drink water and cool down in the best way you can provide.


We warned with dogs “ How to avoid heat stroke in dogs? ” And we repeat it now with the cats. Our cats are also more sensitive to temperature increases than people : in hot times, cats are at high risk of heat stroke, serious consequences, and even lethal.

Humans have a fine-tuned thermal regulation system that, at a given moment, allows us to sweat, to regain the balance lost after the heat. But the cats’ rhythm is slower and, to keep the temperature at bay, they resort to cooling strategies, such as panting, sweating through their pads; or the evaporation of the saliva they leave on the coat when they groom .

Pay attention to all kinds of cats, as none are free of danger. And especially watch out for puppies, the elderly, the obese, the heart or lung patients, and those with flat faces , since they form a group that is greatly affected by heat stroke.

Attention to these symptoms, typical of heat stroke:

  • Temperature increase
  • Nervous excitement
  • Gasps
  • Tremors
  • Stagger
  • Excessive salivation
  • Vomiting
  • Change in the coloration of the gums – darker color –
  • Fainting

Observe them and take your cat to the vet as soon as possible, since a heat stroke can have very serious consequences and even cause the death of the animal.

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