How to cut your dog’s hair for the summer?

We told you in the post “Tips to take care of your dog’s hair ”  when the summer season is approaching, it is not necessary to cut dogs’ hair, whatever their breed, since the hair, provided it is well cared for, It serves dogs as a protective cloak against sunlight and insect bites.

Anyway, if you opt for the cut, we invite you to review the article mentioned to remember some tips that you should take into account before starting the particular grooming session with your dog. Most significantly, short-haired dogs do not need a cut; those with long hair should be cut with scissors; those with curly hair require frequent cutting; and hard hair must be cut with an electric machine.

Bath before haircut

  • Bathe your dog the day before the haircut , so the task will be much easier, since the hair will be clean and untangled, and you will also prevent the cutting machine from getting stuck.
  • Use a specific shampoo for dogs and suitable for the skin of yours in particular.
  • In case your dog has a long coat, apply a conditioner also special for dogs, with which you will get untangled, shiny and hydrated hair.
  • Never use hygiene products for people , it would be counterproductive, as the dogs have a different pH than ours .

Cut and save

Your dog is a candidate for a haircut and, by the way, do you want to cut expenses on dog grooming?

Before starting, at least the first time , go to a professional dog groomer to clear up any doubts, advise you and recommend you about the most appropriate hair length for your dog.

Then, if you look capable, do not cut your hair, and take note of the necessary utensils and the steps to follow to make your dog very handsome and cool for the summer:

Steps to follow:

  • 1. Place your dog in a comfortable and stable place , to work at ease and prevent the animal from moving while doing the haircut.
  • 2. Thoroughly brush your dog to facilitate the cutting session.
  • 3. Give your dog peace of mind and offer him a treat to associate the cut with a pleasant experience.
  • 4. Take the scissors and start cutting through the areas where there is more hair , to the desired size.
  • 5. We should not worry that there will be something uneven, because in the end we will equalize it .
  • 6. Start with the dog’s back ; first loosen her hair with the scissors ; then match it with the cutting machine; always follow the direction of the dog’s coat .
  • 7. After the back, continue through the hind legs and tail .
  • 8. Now it’s your dog’s neck and chest. Carefully lift your dog’s head and run the cutting machine across its neck and chest ; If it is more comfortable for you, use the scissors in this area.
  • 9. It is the turn of the front legs, an area of ​​special sensitivity in the dogs.
  • 10. Face : be especially careful with this area, as it is a very vulnerable and sensitive area ; he acts with great delicacy and without haste; Using small scissors, trim the hair around the eyes and ears without cutting it too far.
  • 11. Abdomen : This is another extremely delicate area , just like the face; use the cutting machine gently .
  • 12. To finish, a good bath to remove the excess hair and ready.


  • Accustom your dog to the sound of the short hair , bringing the device closer so that it perceives the vibration of the hair and does not panic.
  • Always follow the direction of the coat without exerting too much pressure, to avoid possible shearing.
  • Leave a sufficient length of hair so that our dog’s skin is protected.
  • Monitor the temperature of the short hair so as not to damage your dog’s skin, especially in the most sensitive areas.
  • Clean the hair clipper head frequently and carefully to avoid clogging.

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