How do you know if your dog is happy?

You love your dog with madness and you wish its happiness, that’s why you do what is in your hand to get it. You look at him and you see him happy, but sometimes the doubt can assail you if he really feels fully happy at your side . You cannot express it in words, but you can with some signs that we reveal to you in this post.

10 signs reveal if your dog is happy

Dogs are said to live in the present, unlike humans, who spend much of our time planning for the future. But remember that dogs are very sensitive beings, and the fact that they do not deal with problems before they happen does not free them from experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression.

Your furry does not speak, all right, but he is able to express his mood changes with gestures and behaviors . You just need to be vigilant to catch them.

If you are a good observer, listen to their body language and their behavior and you will know, for sure, if your dog is happy or has a problem. Do not lose detail of the signs.

  • 1. It is a healthy dog
  • 2. You have a good appetite
  • 3. You want to walk and play
  • 4. He shows you his belly in search of affection
  • 5. He likes to be close to you
  • 6. He is relaxed
  • 7. Neither destructive nor obsessive
  • 8. Sleep “adequately”
  • 9. Be curious
  • 10. His whole body expresses happiness

Parodying the song, that your dog has a happy life, depends largely on you. Think of it like this.

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