10 benefits of swimming for your dog

These days, when we are not yet on the heat and it is already “hot for dogs”, it is irreparable to dream of a river, a beach or a pool where we can take a good dip and swim, like fish in the water, with our loved ones stuffed animals. And what better plan with this ardent time, than to share long walks and refreshing baths with your dog?

Stop sweating, because we offer you a long list of benefits that swimming can provide you , from sports, to therapeutic, through leisure or entertainment. Broadly speaking, we advance you that, with swimming, your dog will perform exercises without impact, will strengthen its muscles, develop its flexibility and improve its resistance .

But, keep reading, because there is still more …

  • 1. Ideal for losing weight
  • 2. Strengthens muscles and bones
  • 3.  Water safety
  • 4. Butt fun
  • 5. Improves coordination of movements
  • 6. Lung capacity and heart
  • 7. Combat anxiety and stress
  • 8. Hydrotherapy for older dogs
  • 9. It favors socialization
  • 10. Contraindications

If you have any questions about today’s topic, or if you want to contact the most appropriate center to take your dog to perform exercises in the water, it is best to consult your vet , who will advise you on the best options that consider for your dog.

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